Jan 26-28th, 2018 (Fri/Sat/Sun)
FREE digital storytelling workshops with long-term survivors of HIV


January 26-28th (Fri/Sat/Sun) , 2018

The Workshop is 9-5pm and requires your FULL participation.


The upcoming storytelling project will center around how you can share a story of your experience being a part of the community of long-term survivors of HIV (diagnosed before 1995) and will guide you through making a short movie/digital story about it. After the workshop, a live screening with storytellers who choose to participate will take place at the SIE Film Center in Spring of 2018. A live theater performance of the stories will also be produced in conjunction with Denver Element.


To combat stigma, to honor what you've lived through, to educate, to remember, to learn, to share.


Lighthouse Writers Workshop - 1515 Race St. Denver, CO 80206


Name *
Tell us a little about one moment from your experience living with HIV. Just a few sentences.
We want to make sure that this workshop is not the first time you're talking about your experiences living with HIV before. Can you tell us a bit about how public you've been with your story in the past?
While we will have emotional support during the workshop, is there someone else you can rely on for support before, during and after the workshop? Without using names, please tell us a bit about this person.
The workshop does require you to be present for three 8-hour days. It will be necessary for you to participate in both group exercises and individual work with the help of our facilitators. Is there anything we should know about special accommodations that you might require?
How do you identify ethnically and racially?
When it comes to gender, how do you prefer to be indentified?
Do you require child or elder care in order to participate in the workshop? If so, for how many days?
Tell us a bit about why you'd like to participate. Just a few sentences.
Are you ok with your story being shown publicly for education and stigma reduction? (this answer can change throughout the process)

To sign up or for questions contact:

Daniel Weinshenker, daniel@storycenter.org, 720.635.1833

With Involvement From: The Positive Women’s Network, The Empowerment Program, The Treatment Educat10n Network, Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center, Denver Health, Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, Denver ELEMENT