I’ve had no negatives. Positive things happen to me because I’m positive.
— Corlyn, Storyteller

Women Living with HIV

In 2016 the Staying Positive Project, in collaboration with The Empowerment Program and The Positive Women's Network, conducted a series of workshops with women living with HIV. We held two 3-day workshops with these women that culminated with appearances on local news broadcasts and a sold-out community screening at Sie Film Center in Denver.

Longterm Survivors

In 2018, the Staying Positive Project teamed up with Mile High Behavioral Healthcare and the Treatment Education Network to work with longterm survivors of HIV. These storytellers detailed the specific narratives that longterm survivors carry, such as PTSD, AIDS survivor syndrome, survivor's guilt, and how the changing narrative around what HIV is and what it means, from it being considered by many to have transitioned from a terminal illness to chronic disease, effects them.